The story

The genesis

In 2006, nestled in the vibrant streets of southern Milan, Marco Bellini founded Mosa Milano as a quaint boutique offering an exquisite collection of ready-to-wear fashion.

His passion for blending traditional Italian craftsmanship with contemporary designs quickly set the brand apart in the bustling Milanese fashion scene.

A new direction

A decade later, in 2017, the brand underwent a transformative change when it was acquired by the visionary Italian designer, Giulia Romano.

Giulia steered Mosa Milano towards a new horizon, specializing in accessible luxury leather goods. Her dedication to innovative design redefined the brand's identity, emphasizing chic, functional maroquinerie.

Today's Mosa Milano

By 2023, Mosa Milano has evolved into a symbol of elegance and practicality, revered for its unique blend of Milanese flair and modern functionality.

The brand continues to enchant fashion enthusiasts worldwide, offering a diverse range of bags that cater to the dynamic lifestyles of today's men and women.